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Walton Plantation main road

These are the good old days!

“This is a very special and unique development that is not only beautiful but a reflection of the family values that often seem to be missing in today’s world.”

LAUREL HILL, FL……The organizers of Walton Plantation envisioned a special place where nature and families could come together; where rush hours and daily routines are left far behind. That their vision has become a reality can be documented by the people already enjoying life in this nearly 7,000-acre working tree farm just a few miles north of Destin.

Ranches and working farms throughout the country have often evolved into world class resorts where families could visit and build special memories.  Walton Plantation is the first working timber farm in Florida to embrace recreational uses with ownership opportunities for families.  Trees with 25 to 30 year growth cycles provide an economical way for families to enjoy miles of recreational areas and ownership of a rustic cabin retreat. In other words, thanks to on-going and significant timber sales, owners will be able to reap the benefits of a tranquil life in a serene setting without incurring the usual financial burden.

As a federally certified tree farm, Walton Plantation has a detailed vision of timber management practices which includes the development of cutting edge biomass to green gasoline technology.  The organizers are committed to preserving this recreational/timber synergy and have placed a community wide permanent recreational easement on nearly 4,000 acres of The Plantation's timberland. The combination of recreation and responsible harvesting of biomass has the potential to create a park-like setting that may be enjoyed by many generations to come.

This unique environment, which has a grass air strip, will soon be suitable for recreational aircraft and an annual balloon fest.  The vineyard and orchard areas are underway and will one day provide seasonal celebrations.  Convenient to both Destin and Panama City, Walton Plantation offers easy access to the area’s beautiful white sandy beaches that among the most beautiful in the world. Large lots are perfect for cabins of all size which are destined to become popular vacation and weekend retreats for families seeking a leisurely place to escape from their hectic lives while pursuing favorite pastimes and challenges in a rustic setting of forests, fields and pastures.

A creek at Walton Plantation
The chapel at Walton Plantation